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By myfirstcho6600809, Nov 5 2018 07:41PM

Don’t miss your chance to lock in a more attractive rate while you still can.

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be tempted to postpone your home financing… but here’s one good reason not to wait!

Recently, interest rates have gone through the roof – just as predicted. Experts say it’s unlikely that rates will cool down. Waiting could cost you big time!

As of this writing, some conventional loans have already surpassed the 5 percent mark.

Find out if it’s a good time to tap into your home equity and get the cash you need, now!

Be Ready to “Buy” or “Refi” on the Dip!

The mortgage Bankers Association is confident that rates will hover around 5.0 percent next year.

Granted, no one know for sure what will happen, but this might be a good time to get off the fence!

That’s Why You Should Call Us Today!

We’ll help you evaluate your loan options and get your documentation in order for your loan application.

We’ll track the rates, so you don’t have to. We’ll get you “mortgage ready” and let you know when it’s time to lock in your best possible rate!

By myfirstcho6600809, Oct 29 2018 08:11PM

Enjoy financial freedom and peace of mind in your golden years…worry free!

Getting older can have its challenges. Between increased life expectancy, economic changes, health issues, even divorce, many seniors can find themselves struggling financially and falling short of their retirement dreams.

Now, homeowners aged 62 or older can improve their cash flow by paying off their current mortgage, getting a lump sum of cash, or even establishing a line of credit for future expenses with a Reverse Mortgage.

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage, also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), is a government-insured loan that helps unlock the equity in your home, giving you versatile, flexible options – putting you in financial control!

Best of all, if you meet the loan requirements, you will never have to make payments on your mortgage or the cash you access, for as long as you live in the home as your primary residence. **

That’s right, it’s the “reverse”! Not only do you stop making mortgage payments, you can even receive a monthly payment from your home’s equity.

A Safe, Versatile, Worry-Free Mortgage Option!

As with any major financial commitment, all aspects of a reverse mortgage should be carefully considered. That’s why there is a third-party counseling required, so you feel confident knowing that you are fully informed before deciding if this program is a good fit for you!

Get the financial security and stability you need to enjoy the retirement you deserve!

By myfirstcho6600809, Oct 23 2018 07:18PM

Our advanced mortgage technology keeps you linked to current interest rates!

Don’t be fooled by ads with “teaser” rates or mortgage rates that don’t apply to your unique situation. The Federal Trade Commission has warned consumers to watch out for ads that promise rates that are “too good to be true.”

Mortgage rates change daily, so ads and rate surveys look back, not forward.

You can trust us to work with you to find the right loan for you at the possible rates!

We’ll Only Quote Rates We Can Deliver!

We’ll look at all the factors that influence your mortgage rate: your credit, the property value, the type of loan and the size of your loan. The best way to know you’re getting the best possible loan is to contact us.

There’s More to Your Loan Than Interest Rates!

Sure, low interest rates can save you money. However, there’s more to a mortgage than loan rates! It’s to your advantage to have us compare not only accurate, real-time rates, but also the terms and conditions of the loan as well.

No one wants to get a rock-bottom low interest rate and end up “cash poor” because of unfavorable loan terms and features. We’ll come up with an overall mortgage strategy that’s right for you based on your needs!

For loan solutions you can count on, call now!

By myfirstcho6600809, Oct 15 2018 04:30PM

The number one cause of Home fires is something many of us do every day: Cooking! The American Red Cross recommends the following:

NEVER leave cooking food unattended! If you must leave the kitchen, turn off the stove.

USE A TIMER so you don’t forget to check on your food.

Keep everything that can catch fire – like paper towels, oven mitts and wooden utensils – AWAY from the stove.

AVOID wearing loose clothing or dangling sleeves that could catch fire!

CLEAN cooking surfaces often to AVOID grease buildup.

PROTECT your family and your home by checking your smoke alarms MONTHLY.

Never go to bed or leave the house without a final check of your kitchen to MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS TURNED OFF!

By myfirstcho6600809, Oct 9 2018 10:07PM

Some 88 percent of homeowners carry a “mortgage.” So almost everyone is familiar with the term. In fact, the word has actually been around for roughly a thousand years!

“Mortgage” comes from both the French (“mort”) and English (“gage”) meaning “dead pledge.” The first mortgages were recorded in England in the late twelfth century.

One world borrow money to buy property if they could not afford to pay in cash.

If they not pay up, the creditor would take the real estate and the property ownership would be dead to them.

On the flip side, if a debtor paid off the loan, the debt would be extinguished, and considered dead in that respect.

Instead of a “dead pledge,” let’s find out how taping into your built-up home equity can breathe new life into your finances!

For up-to-date mortgage information, Call today!

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