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Rubber Bands: The DIY Handy Helper

By myfirstcho6600809, Sep 4 2019 12:23AM

Rubber bands have more fantastic users than just keeping your broccoli bunched together. Rather than cutting those brands off your veggies, give tips a try:

Make an ant-slip level by sliding rubber bands on each end of a lever. No more slipping while you’re trying to mark a liner on a wall!

Keep your tools from falling off your roof by wrapping rubber bands around the handles of your tools. They will grip the roofing materials when they are set down.

To hold small items, use a pair of needle nose pliers as a small-parts clamp by wrapping a rubber band around the jaws. Works great for holding those nails in hard to reach spots (and saves your fingers, too)!

Tired of dripping paint into the can rim or down the sides of the paint can? Wrap a heavy rubber band around the open paint can so that the band goes across the center. Then, when you dip your brush, wipe the excess paint off the rubber band, instead of the edge of the can, and the paint will drip right back into the paint can with no mess.

Ceiling fan rattle driving you nuts? If the screws that hold the light globe to your fan loosen and cause your fan to hum or rattle, place a rubber band around the globe neck where the screws grip it. The rubber band will not only keep the screws from loosening, it will also protect the globe from breaking from over tightening screws!

Don’t stress over a stripped screw! Simply place a rubber band over the screw and remove it with a drill like you usually would.

Problem solved.

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