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Mortgage Rates Are at Historic Lows… ACT NOW & SAVE!

By myfirstcho6600809, Mar 10 2020 06:58PM

The low mortgage rate environment continues to spur home buying and refinancing activity… and is a promising indication for the Spring homebuying season.

Lower rates mean homeowners can pay less for their total loan - principal plus several decades of interests payments – over the life of a mortgage.

Act NOW Before Rates Go Up!

Indeed, financial experts agree that if someone with good credit score who is shopping for a loan or a home today is likely to get the lowest interest rates in years!

Whenever there is a change in your home equity, current interest rates and/or your personal finances…it’s to your advantage to contact us!

Pay Off Your Debts and Save!

You may have incurred more consumer debt than you anticipated…we can help with a debt consolidation loan.

You may be paying a lot more in interest than you have to on two or three mortgages…we can help trim back those payments through a refi.

You may have moved into a fixer-upper and haven’t fixed “her” up yet…it’s time for that home improvement loan!

You Dream It, We’ll Help you Achieve It!

Maybe you’ve added a couple of kids to the family photo and now need a larger home.

We Make Things Happen!

As your mortgage specialist, we do so much more than simply sell loans.

We help open doors for you as well as save you time and money in the process.

Find Out Much YOU Can Save!


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