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Home Decor Has a Shelf Life!

By myfirstcho6600809, May 28 2019 07:53PM

After living in a home for years, or even decades, it’s easy to overlook how dated your home can look.

While decorating style is different for everyone, there are several home decor trends that have definitely past their “best by” date. Fortunately, there are plenty of fresh options available to help every home look its best.

Popcorn Ceilings:

Scrape and paint or apply new drywall to update those ceilings. Keep in mind it’s best to consult a professional before removing older popcorn ceilings that may contain a hazardous material.

Wooden Paneling:

Update to genuine wood in that man cave or library.

Bathroom Carpeting:

A new tile floor in the bathroom will keep it looking clean and, more importantly, keep the germs to a minimum!

Tile Countertops:

Ditch the grout! Granite, marble or laminate countertops help make kitchen clean up a breeze!

Extravagant Drapery:

Lighten up the feel of any room by replacing dated heavy drapery with shear fabric panels.

Frosted Glass Fixtures:

Lightening fixtures are meant to provide light, not obstruct it. Something as simple as replacing a glass fixture globe can shine new light into an otherwise dim space.

If you’re thinking about remodeling, check out new home developments near you.

It’s a great place to get ideas using current decorating trends!

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