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Don’t Let Past Credit Challenges HAUNT YOU!

By myfirstcho6600809, Oct 7 2019 04:37PM

Leave the ghost of past credit problems behind you. We can tell you fairly quickly if you qualify to buy or refi again!

If you’ve been thinking about buying a home, but past credit problems have been holding you back, now may be the perfect time to make that dream a reality.

Rates are still historically low, and qualification guidelines have changed over the years.

Pick Up Where You Left Off!

Recovering from the 2008 financial crisis was a lengthy and difficult journey for many.

Whether your credit was impaired by late mortgage payments, a foreclosure, short sale, or other credit issues, we’re here to help you, your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers transition back into the mortgage market.

Once you’ve passed the required waiting period - four years after a short sale and seven years after a foreclosure, or less for some circumstances and mortgage types – you can re-apply for a mortgage.

Sufficient time has passed since the mortgage crises and certain negative credit factors have most likely expired from your credit history. If so, you may be good to go!

Delays May Cost You!

Bear in mind, experts are projecting interest rates and home prices to increase.

If you’re looking for a mortgage solution with potentially significant savings, let’s talk sooner rather than later.


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