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By myfirstcho6600809, Aug 19 2019 06:10PM

1. Reduce your rate and or term

Refinancing your existing mortgage to a lower rate can save you money every month.

You may also want to consider shortening your term to save you even more money over the life of the loan!

2. Enjoy fixed-rate security

If your currently have an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM), think about switching to a fixed-rate loan program that offers you stable payments and “peace of mind.”

3.Access much-needed cash

You might have more home equity to “tap into” since you last checked, even if it wasn’t that long ago.

Get the cash you need now for upcoming expenses, before it gets less affordable to borrow from your home.

4. You might be a “Better Borrower”

If your credit score improved, you paid down your mortgage, have been at your job longer, or if your home is worth more, you might be rewarded with additional options and better rates. We’ll help you find out!

5. Ditch the mortgage insurance

When you originally took out your loan, mortgage insurance may have been required.

If you now have the required equity, we’ve got solutions to ditch that pesky mortgage insurance and slash your payment.

Mortgage rates are still low, which gives you a fantastic opportunity to lock in a great rate.

Call us to find out if refinancing is RIGHT FOR


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