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By myfirstcho6600809, Jul 30 2020 12:05AM

When you are ready to buy a home but do not happen to be sitting on a pile of cash for your own down payment – don’t dismay!

With rates this low, you will want to lock in sooner than later!

Whether your down payment is funded through a loan, a gift, a grant – together, we will explore innovative mortgage solutions that are right for your solution.


Keep in mind that regardless of loan programs, putting more than the minimum down has its advantages, such as lowering your payments and reducing mortgage insurance premiums. And you will also start off with more equity in your home.


How many should you put down? We will consider your resources, qualifying factors, and your financial goals.


You may want to check with your tax professional to explore using your 401 (K) as a source of down payment funds.

Your payments may welcome the chance to help you out with the loan – or even a gift.

Where there is a will, we will find a way to work around your down payment challenges!

Give us a call TODAY!

By myfirstcho6600809, Jul 20 2020 10:03PM

How many wealth-building opportunities are missing by “sitting” on the equity in your home?!

Sure, there are some costs associated with having a mortgage or getting a new one.

However, there may be a GREATER COST of missed opportunities by not taking advantage of today’s incredible home financing options like walking away from your dream home or losing out on potentially lucrative investments!

We will show you how to access the equity in your home to improve your life NOW and review creative strategies that may help secure your financial FUTURE!

Honestly, with the current low mortgage rates, where else can you access money THIS cheaply??

As a bonus, your effective “after-tax rate” may be even lower!

What are you waiting for? Rates will not stay this low forever!


Remember, making monthly payments is not the only way to “payoff” your loan.

Well-planned investments in real estate, stocks, bonds, insurance, business expansions and other venues can also be used to pay off mortgages!

One source of “affordable” investments capital could be within arm’s reach: THE EQUITY IN YOUR HOME!


By myfirstcho6600809, Jul 15 2020 06:56PM

FICO recently announced changes in their scoring system that assesses a person’s credit risk.

The new model will take a look at not only a person’s payment history, but also include account balances for the past two years, giving lenders more insight as to how consumers are managing their credit.

Those with a high amount of credit card debt and loan-to-ratio-value (LTV) ratios could see their credit score drop significantly, while those who consistently make on-time payments and don’t carry high balances will likely see a slight increase on their credit score.

As it has been in the past, paying off credit cards monthly will always result in a better score.

FICO estimates than approximately 80 million people will see a change in their score of 20 points or more, up, or down. An additional 110 million consumers will see only a modest change to their score if any at all.

These changes are due to go into effect over the summer but may take a while to notice, as many lenders may continue to use older FICO models when evaluating a consumer’s credit worthiness.

By myfirstcho6600809, Jul 7 2020 08:56PM

With rates so low, NOW is the time to move forward!

Considering a refinance? Do you know someone who wants to become a homebuyer and needs first -time financing?

With astoundingly low rates, we can help you finance your move, remodel, consolidate debt, switch to a fixed rate loan, or lower your monthly payment!

Let Your Home Equity Work for You!

Perhaps you would like to finally add that pool, buy that boat, or go on that dream vacation. A cash-out refinance can help!

Getting the home, the cash, or the loan you want is easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

So, stop dreaming and start doing, while interest rates are still low!

Past Credit Problems?

A New Job?

Self Employed?

No Problem!

We are your mortgage solution experts. See what we can do for you!!

Call today!

By myfirstcho6600809, Mar 10 2020 06:58PM

The low mortgage rate environment continues to spur home buying and refinancing activity… and is a promising indication for the Spring homebuying season.

Lower rates mean homeowners can pay less for their total loan - principal plus several decades of interests payments – over the life of a mortgage.

Act NOW Before Rates Go Up!

Indeed, financial experts agree that if someone with good credit score who is shopping for a loan or a home today is likely to get the lowest interest rates in years!

Whenever there is a change in your home equity, current interest rates and/or your personal finances…it’s to your advantage to contact us!

Pay Off Your Debts and Save!

You may have incurred more consumer debt than you anticipated…we can help with a debt consolidation loan.

You may be paying a lot more in interest than you have to on two or three mortgages…we can help trim back those payments through a refi.

You may have moved into a fixer-upper and haven’t fixed “her” up yet…it’s time for that home improvement loan!

You Dream It, We’ll Help you Achieve It!

Maybe you’ve added a couple of kids to the family photo and now need a larger home.

We Make Things Happen!

As your mortgage specialist, we do so much more than simply sell loans.

We help open doors for you as well as save you time and money in the process.

Find Out Much YOU Can Save!


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